Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Get Ready for Blog Nosh Magazine!!

Hey, check it out!!! It's a brand new emag with a twist! It's hook it that it showcases those excellent blog posts that have fallen off the "front page" of your blogs. There are lots of topics called "Channels" to chose from. The posts will be chosen by Channel Editors, or nominated by the readers or even submitted by us! It is the reincarnation of TopBlogMag (which I wrote for in the past) and I think it's brilliant!!!

Blog Nosh Magazine launches tomorrow so check it out! Also, you can follow it on Twitter to get updates on happenings and find out when they need posts for specific topics. You are gonna love it!!!

1 comment:

Velveteen Mind- Megan said...

Thank you than you thank you! I am adding your comment to a new round-up post right this second!

I have to admit, I am still worried about what the old Top Blog Mag folks think about what I've done to the old concept, so I love that you are enjoying it.