Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Yup, anxiety.  Everyone has it at some point or another.  And we all handle it differently.  My son and I tend to get that sick feeling in the pit of our stomachs.  My daughter, well, she just gets mean! 

And she showed us today.  She is going to volleyball camp this week.  She’s never been to this facility before and she won’t know any of the campers.  I understand the anxiety.  At her age I would have been sick as a dog in that situation.  I saw it coming too.  She couldn’t fall to sleep last night staying up until after midnight and then waking again at 4am.  She’s tired.  She’s anxious.  She’s CRABBY!!! 

Please God, help her to enjoy the day, make new friends, sleep well tonight and have a better attitude tomorrow!!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Chicken.....and Shrimp! It's what's for dinner!

I've recently begun cooking again.  I mean real cooking, with fresh ingredients and recipes.  Not dumping a box in a pot.  This is driven partly by my family's efforts to improve our health and cooking from scratch is getting us away from all those processed foods and broadening our food horizons. 

I'm loving it even if it is a bit of a challenge with my busy schedule.  And I'm finding myself severely disorganized in the kitchen from all those years of box cooking.  But I'm still loving it!  I'm getting faster each day I cook!  LOL!!

One of my favorite cooking blogs has got to be Gina's Skinny Recipes at SkinnyTaste.com.  She is AWESOME!!  I've tried several of her recipes and I'm always satisfied!!  I'll post more of my Proven Awesome Recipe from her site later.  But tonight I made Healthy Baked Chicken Nuggets for the kiddos (yup, those are mine in the photo) and Healthy Breaded Shrimp for Hubby and me (sorry, no photo for those, we scarfed them up too quick!). 

Both were a huge hit!!  The nuggets were moist and tender.  I added a little garlic powder on the chicken because we like it that way.  The shrimp were soooo good!  I never need to eat a "fried" shrimp again!!  And both recipes were easy.  The breading was the longest part but still didn't take too much time.  I served the shrimp with cole slaw and a baked sweet potato.  The kids had mac n cheese (admittedly, this WAS from a box!).  And a good meal was had by all!

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

What We've Been Up To

It’s been so long, it might be time for a quick update.  DH and I are still married--19yrs in Jan!  Wow!!  Seems like yesterday and a million years ago all at the same time! 

Sara is almost 12 now and getting ready to start Seventh grade in a few weeks!!  Sixth grade was a pretty big adjustment but she did well.  I don’t think Seventh grade will be too hard on her.  She’s a typical Tween—moody, sweet at times, argumentative, helpful, attitude (wonder where she gets that!).  She is going to try out for the school volleyball team!!  She’s nervous I know but she’s been going to camps this summer and she’s played recreation league for 2 yrs now so I think she has a great shot.  Keep your fingers crossed!!  She’s still in Girl Scouts and loving it!  She’ll be a second year Cadette this year and I’ll be a third year leader!  Wow!!  It’s really great though watching “my Ladies” grow and mature!

Scott is 10….and a half!  He’ll in Fifth grade this year!  He’s kinda nervous because he doesn’t know any of the teachers (he’ll have 3).  But I think once he meets them at orientation, he’ll be fine.  He is a second year Webelo Scout and will be earning his Arrow of Light and crossing over to Boy Scouts this year!  He has really enjoyed it!  I’m happy he wants to continue.  DH is the Den Leader still and does a great job!  Scott is gearing up for ice hockey again….I think.  He said this summer he might not play because he’s been playing for 6 yrs.  But he keeps talking about getting new equipment so I think he still will.  He’ll be a second year Squirt.  He played Upper House last year as a first year Squirt so we expect he’ll make Squirt A this year. 

Piper, the Hyper Dog is……still hyper!  LOL!!

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Must Be August!

I don't know what it is about August but it seems to tap on my blogging shoulder and whisper in my ear, "hey, don't ya miss the Blog?"  I have restarted this blog several times always in August.  Now it appears that August missed me or I didn't hear her last year but that's ok.  I have missed blogging.  I don't think many or maybe even ANY people read it, but that's ok too.  Someone may stumble upon it and find something they like one day. 

I am trying to decide what direction to go though.  I've always had a mish-mash of everything on here.  But I wonder if I should focus on SOMETHING like Scouts or Tweens or ADHD or Photography or Health or any number of other things!!  If you happen to read this and have an opinion, drop me a note and let me have it!!  But for now, Let's get this party started and see what we can do here!