Monday, August 13, 2007

Almost Old

Me: Oh my gosh, I look so old!!
Scott: No you don’t Mommy.
Me: Well, Thank you!!
Scott: You look almost old.
Me: I do?
Scott: Yeah, you have some wrinkles around your eyes and your face is starting to hang down around your mouth……like Mamaw’s.
Me: Like Mamaw’s?!?! Gee thanks!
Scott: But you’re only almost old. Not old yet.
Me: I love you!
Scott: I love you too!


What Works For Us said...

so cute.

Mama Zen said...

My daughter says that I'm old, but Daddy isn't. Insult AND injury!

MomOf3 said...

Very sweet!

nutmeg said...

I'm almost old too. It sucks, but the alternative is worse!

Lavender said...

Funny and sweet, thanks for sharing it. If youre like me, youre already planning to hold on to the 'almost' part as long as possible - nothing wrong with that! LOL
Im visiting all the TopBlogMag blogs today, which is how I found yours. I like the short post style (I try to stay short myself) Its fun to read, and your header message is so so true.
Have a great day!

Jen E said...

WhatWorksForMom: Thanks for the comment and thanks for visiting!!

Mama Zen: Ouch!!! But mine have told me I'm fat also. Talk about adding insult to injury!!

MomOf3: Thanks for the comment and for visiting!

Nutmeg: Too true! Too true!!

Lavender: You can bet I'll hold on as long as I can!!!! Thanks for stopping by!!