Wednesday, August 22, 2007

As the Stomach Churns

I was awoken from that dream below at 2:30am by a small voice outside my bedroom. “Mommy, I don’t feel well. My tummy hurts”. I got to Scott just in time for him to let loose all over the kitchen floor. Poor thing. He had gotten sick before he got to me but that too thankfully hit the kitchen floor.

I give the little guy credit for climbing down out of the top bunk and making it to the linoleum before puking! I put him back to bed (on the bottom bunk this time—didn’t want to take any chances!!) cleaned up the kitchen and lay on the couch in case he needed me. Poor guy got up again and made it to the bathroom—floor that is but at least it’s not carpet like poor Mel’s mess. Got him back in bed and cleaned up the bathroom when Sara starts called. Please God, not BOTH of them!!! She just needed to use the bathroom, whew!!!!

Scott did well the rest of the night but woke up sweaty and clammy (I suspect he had a fever that broke) with dry heaves. So I’m home with little sick boy today. Seems a tummy bug is going through his daycare class. Sara was NOT happy to have to go to summer camp while brother got to stay home. And of course, he seems fine now. Had fruity Cheerios with no reappearance so far. Oh well, we both needed a rest day. AND I get to catch up on my blogs!!


Mama Zen said...

Awww, poor kid! And poor Mom! At least he made it to the linoleum!

Jen E said...

Thanks, Mama Zen. He ate some spagetti-o's for lunch so he seems to be fine. I hope..........

Jenn said...

Oh, the pukes.

It's awful, isn't it, the re-appearance of food?

SingForHim @ Real Life said...

I hope he feels better! I can handle anything except throwing up!

I'm gald you're planning on participating in the Mothers and Daughters Blog Carnival!

Jen E said...

Jenn: Yes!! it is so much worse the second time around!!

SingForHim: Thanks! He is just fine now. Must have been a 12 hr thing. I'm excited about the blog carnival too.

Thanks to both of you for visiting! Hope to see you back!!