Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Dream a Little Dream

I had a dream last night. It was weird. Not as weird as The Farmer’s Wife’s dream but still out there. For some reason, Hubby and I were living in my Grandparents’ house in TN. We had two kids but one was a older boy about 9 or 10 and one was a baby maybe a year old (and they looked nothing like my real children). We were having storms so we had been looking for a safe place. I had found an area under the house that seemed safe but it was small and dark.

We walked out of the house and saw 4 (yes 4!!) tornados coming straight for us!!! I grabbed the kids and told Hubby about the safe place but I didn’t think it would hold all of us. He said to take them to it and he was going to watch the tornados. The kids and I went to the safe place and it was larger than it was before and there was more light.

The next thing I know, it opened up into a full basement, partially finished with a pool table and table tennis. I was surprised having no idea the house had that. I was just beginning to figure out that was where Hubby was “hiding out” when I couldn’t find him when I awoke. I have no idea what that was supposed to mean!!!!!

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