Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Two Little Fishes

Both kids started swim lessons mid July. We are a bit behind as they’ve never had lessons before. The first lesson was interesting. Sara started out really apprehensive and Scott was all for it. Half way through the lesson, the tide turned and Sara was doing pretty good but Scott was having nothing to do with it. He had realized he couldn’t touch the bottom and was terrified. Scott never went back but Sara has been doing really well. She’s even been jumping into the pool as long as her head doesn’t go under.

Her last lesson was this past Saturday and her teacher said she is a very strong swimmer and would just take off……if she would only put her face in the water. They even went down the big slide. She was nervous but she did it!! WooHoo!! So Sunday, we all went to the pool. Hubby and I both were amazed!!! Sara was going under when she jumped in and she even would put her head totally under the water to go under the rope!!! Now she WANTS to take more lessons and we are happy to oblige!

Now to get Scott going! After he played with a friend Sunday who could swim and watched Sara having fun on the slide, I think he’s decided that learning to swim is a GOOD thing!! By next summer, we’ll have two little fishes on our hands!

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