Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wanna See my Wordless Wednesday?

I started to post it earlier but didn't get it finished. Had it as a draft so when I posted it today, it showed up as the draft date. So if you wanna see it, just look below a couple of posts. :)

Aww Geez!!

It's been over a week since I posted! So sorry!! Lots going on now: school will start soon (more to post on that later), girl scouts to start up (more to post on that later), hockey and volleyball soon (yes, more to post on that later!). Ah, it seems I have no shortage of topics.........just shortage of time! Stay tuned! I promise to have something soon!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Changes, they a'comin'?

Let me share last night’s with you.

I found myself in my kitchen early in the morning with other people whom I knew in my dream but not in real life. They said there was a “warning” issued and a few seconds later a warning siren sounded. I ran to the children’s bedrooms, grabbed one of them and ran to the hallway. My other child just appeared in the hallway with my husband. I held one and told hubby to hold on to the other one. I believe I had Scott but it’s a bit fuzzy now.

I could see the sky from where I sat and it was black as night. The wind made a horrific noise and the house started to shake. I could see the black clouds swirling. We all held on tight and then it was over. We were all safe. We looked outside and directly in front of our house were several long rows of houses. At many had been destroyed and about five directly in front of us were totally gone. Only the foundations remained and oddly no debris was around. People were sitting around on the foundations. No one appeared to be hurt. Our house was untouched.

Next, I suddenly found myself in a sports stadium in the aftermath of the storm. Again, no one appeared to be hurt. I found checks in envelopes with my company logo. The envelopes again where in good condition.

Then I woke up.

NOW, disaster dreams are purported to foretell changes soon to come. I had TONS of these when I was pregnant! Not that I’m saying…… The children are getting ready to start school. We are hoping we’ve found a good medication combo for Scott’s ADHD. My company is in the process of being sold. Definitely lots of changes coming! I just hope the fact that all were safe in my dream means that the future is good!

Monday, August 09, 2010

Thought for Today

"We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand."

~~Randy Pausch, The Last Lecture

Monday Musings

It’s Monday……again! Mondays are rough. Too much running around on the weekend. Too little sleep. Two kids too tired. DD not liking summer camp. DH worked an 18hr shift on Sat. Too many meetings on Mondays. I thought about cancelling Mondays on account of lack of interest. But then we’d all hate Tuesdays!!!

Monday, August 02, 2010

So Tired

I'm so tired. It's been a long day, long week, long summer. Life with an ADHD child and a child who feels overlooked and insignificant because of an ADHD child is very tiring. They must be parented differently and one invariably feels the other gets the better deal. I'd just like one day with no whining, no complaining, no tattling, no repeated requests, no yelling, no perfect day. Is that too much to ask?

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Am I nuts or just cookie crazy?

Ok, I'm starting to worry I leaped before I looked with this Girl Scout Leader thingee!! I really want to do this. I want Sara to be involved with a group and learn teamwork and community service. I really think she needs this especially at this point in her life.....a tween, hormones already raging, worrying about how others see her, how she looks......she's the typical egocentric tween and her self-image and self-esteem are taking a nose dive.

I tried to get her into Scouts last year but there is a shortage of Troop Leaders in my area and the school year was half over before they found a spot for her. By that time we were already over-committed so we decided to pass on it. So this year, I decided to make sure she got in by being the Leader myself. Just got my official okey dokey this week!

But I don't know anything about Girl Scouts!! I was a Brownie for 1....maybe 2 years (when MY Mom was a leader!) and that was it! I don't like to camp, I'm not very crafty and I'm crazy busy with a full time job, kids to raise with school and sports and a home to pretend I manage!!

BUT.....I do love teaching others new things, and I love helping others especially young girls find their inner strengths and talents and I love making a difference and helping others do the same.

SO....I guess I'll be okay. Maybe we won't do a ton of camping, maybe we won't make all the SWAPS. But maybe we'll have a great time finding ourselves and growing together and helping others at the same time. And let's not forget they nummy Girl Scout Cookies!!!

I Ate That Frog!!

Have you heard the story about eating a frog? You are given a task to eat a frog. It's a disgusting looking, foul smelling frog! It's HUGE!! And you just don't want to do it. So you put it off. But you keep looking at it and getting sick to your stomach. As the day wears on, it follows you around getting dirtier. It gets hot and sweaty and stinks even worse. And it's doubled in size!!!! Now, you REALLY don't want to eat that frog!! And most of the don't. You just let it keep following you around getting bigger and dirtier and more disgusting as ever.

Now you realize that if you had started your day with a quick frog gulp, it would be over. Would have been unpleasant? Probably. But would it have been better than eating that nasty, dirty, disgusting frog it's grown into.

So today, I decided to eat my frog. I needed to talk to the school about Scott's placement for 3rd grade. I was putting it off because he'd had a rough year last year and I just really didn't want to face the administration. But the school called yesterday with questions about Sara's placement. I tried to eat the frog then. But they didn't have the time to discuss Scott then and asked me to call back in the afternoon. I had time in the afternoon.....but I didn't call. That frog just looked way to gross to eat!! But this morning, I realized that it had to be done and it was in his best interest and I just needed to get over it and do it.

So I did. And it wasn't near as bad as I expected. They appreciated my input and agreed with me on the environment he needed. So I feel good about his upcoming school year. And I'm so glad I made that call. It's over, done, finished!!!

One frog down!! Next frog please!!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Yoo Hoo!

Hey! Have ya missed me???? It's been a long time hasn't it! Ahh, life got complicated as it tends to do and I've been away from blogging. I've missed it tho. Hope to keep more in touch. Lots going on with us here. School is starting soon and I'll have a 5th grader and a 3rd grader. So hard to believe!! Scott will be a Bear Cub Scout and Sara will be joining Girls Scouts for the first time and get this.....I'm going to be GS Troop Leader!!! EEEKKK!!!! Add in a busy husband, crazy Border Collie, hockey, volleyball, Silpada jewelry business, hormonal tween and ADHD and .....well......let's just say it's never boring around here!!!! I'd better learn to like roller coasters! Wanna join me for the ride????