Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Changes, they a'comin'?

Let me share last night’s with you.

I found myself in my kitchen early in the morning with other people whom I knew in my dream but not in real life. They said there was a “warning” issued and a few seconds later a warning siren sounded. I ran to the children’s bedrooms, grabbed one of them and ran to the hallway. My other child just appeared in the hallway with my husband. I held one and told hubby to hold on to the other one. I believe I had Scott but it’s a bit fuzzy now.

I could see the sky from where I sat and it was black as night. The wind made a horrific noise and the house started to shake. I could see the black clouds swirling. We all held on tight and then it was over. We were all safe. We looked outside and directly in front of our house were several long rows of houses. At many had been destroyed and about five directly in front of us were totally gone. Only the foundations remained and oddly no debris was around. People were sitting around on the foundations. No one appeared to be hurt. Our house was untouched.

Next, I suddenly found myself in a sports stadium in the aftermath of the storm. Again, no one appeared to be hurt. I found checks in envelopes with my company logo. The envelopes again where in good condition.

Then I woke up.

NOW, disaster dreams are purported to foretell changes soon to come. I had TONS of these when I was pregnant! Not that I’m saying…… The children are getting ready to start school. We are hoping we’ve found a good medication combo for Scott’s ADHD. My company is in the process of being sold. Definitely lots of changes coming! I just hope the fact that all were safe in my dream means that the future is good!


Kwizgiver said...

What an interesting dream! I hope the changes are all good.


Governor Jen said...

Dreams can be crazy. My husband keeps having a recurring one in which he's making homemade strawberry ice cream for my son and me. What the heck does THAT mean?!

Bev Sykes said...

You have far more interesting dreams than I have!


jon said...


I hardly ever remember my dreams. I have trouble with yesterday.
You don't like roller coasters? I love them. They make me feel so alive.

kathi said...

I don't know anything about dream interpretation, but yours is interesting as a story, too! But wouldn't it be nice to dream about finding checks, and then actually find checks made out to you? :)

:: mingle ::