Tuesday, December 04, 2007


I can’t back up a car worth a flyin’ flip. So I should have known better but I was in a hurry and obviously not thinking. I was on my way to choir practice last night and got to the exit of our subdivision before I realized I didn’t have my music with me. I thought I’d save some time and back up to turn around in the neighbor’s drive. Now, as I have said, I can’t back up. Plus I don’t see well in the dark. So as I’m backing up, I hear this horrible crunching noise.

I pull forward and hop out to check the damage. I don’t see anything near me. The neighbor’s son is outside and he comes and looks and we don’t see any damage to the van or anything else so we decide I must have run over something on the ground. So I get back into the car, go up the street to turn around (making mental note that that was what I should have just done in the first place), get my music and go on to practice.

When I come back to the car after practice, I notice that the passenger tail light is broken and it looks scuffed. Now, I’m freaking out. What could I have hit? None of us saw anything!! So on my way home, I convince myself that a deer must have run behind me just as I was backing up. It sounded plausible!

Once home, I tell Hubby he needs to come look at something because I think I hit a deer. I tell him the whole story as he’s checking it out. His comment, you’ve hit the mailbox. No I didn’t. Yes you did--there’s white paint on the tail light. I argued there was no way because I wasn’t anywhere near the mailbox. So it’s 10pm and we trudge up to the neighbors to find……….a slight crunch on the side of the mailbox and red tail light plastic on the ground beside it. OK, so I backed into the mailbox. Hubby’s response? You don’t need to back up anymore.

So we worked it all out, Hubby will get a replacement tail light and I’ll call the neighbor to grovel, uh I mean apologize and offer to replace it. We brought Hyper Dog in to sleep in our room last night. Hubby crawls in bed and says, I didn’t want to leave her outside tonight…….because of the “mailbox deer”. My reply? Go to sleep, Smart a*s !!!


Mama Zen said...

Mailbox Deer Crossing!

Kim said...

Oh, you are NEVER gone hear the end of this one!

Kim @ TheBitterBall