Monday, April 30, 2007

So The Drama!

“No waffles for breakfast??” “I don’t want to wear ANY of those clothes!!!” “My socks are too high!!!!!”

That’s my Sara. Such the little Drama Queen!!! Just a typical morning at our house. It’s always good to get the new week off to a banner start don’t ya think??!!! I just don’t remember it being so difficult to be 6 years old! Although MY mother may remember it differently. LOL!!!!

All I have to say today is….. “if this is 6………… you can KEEP 16!!!!!!”

Friday, April 27, 2007

Sara's Stage Debut!

The 1st grade classes had their programs Tuesday night. It was so great!!! It was called “Character Counts” and was a series of fairy tales (although Humpty Dumpty was included even though it’s “just a nursery rhyme”) that taught lessons on how to behave and show your good character.

Sara’s class did “The Three Little Pigs”. She had one small speaking part and did quite well. I was a bit concerned when I tried to drop her off in the gym to get ready and she started crying and clinging to me. She is quite the little Drama Queen!! I finally took her in and got her settled so I could find my way to our seats in the cafetorium (cafeteria/auditorium). “Our lesson for today is to always do what you think is right.” That was her part. She said it clearly and somewhat loudly but kept her head dipped down a bit. She is very talented in many areas but lacks the confidence to do her best work. We are working on this and hopefully the more she “performs”, the better she’ll feel about it.

All of the children very impressive. They all knew their lines without fail and spoke out loudly and clearly so all could hear. They had such great emotion and “performed’ their parts rather than just saying them. It’s really amazing to watch them blossom like this. They all had so much fun and we had a blast watching them. I can’t wait for next year’s program!!!

The music teacher, Mrs. Banks, is wonderful!! She has such great patience with the children and really helps them to shine. Sara just loves her! She has been nominated for teacher of the year for our school district and is currently in the top 25 teachers. We are VERY proud of her!!! Good luck, Mrs. Banks!!! We're all rootin' for ya!!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Happy 5th Birthday, Scott!!!!!

Five years ago today, we were anxiously awaiting the call from the hospital telling us they had a bed for me. We were finally going to meet our new baby, our 2nd baby, our last baby! I was 39 weeks and we were inducing due to baby’s estimated size. They finally called and we were off!

We got to the hospital by 11am. The nurse hooked me all up and told me I was having contractions but I couldn’t feel them. The doctor broke my water at 11:30 and whoa, I could feel those contractions then!!! The nurse started the pitocin and was increasing the level every 15mins. I settled into a rocker and Hubby and the nurse both decided to get some lunch before things really got going.

WELL…….while they were gone, thing REALLY got going!!! I was having lots of contractions and they were difficult to breathe through. When the nurse got back, she said she wouldn’t increase the pitocin any more and could have kissed her! She became very busy getting everything ready because she believed the baby would be coming soon.

I decided I wanted to go ahead and get the epidural then. It seemed like it took forever for the beloved “Epi Man” to get there. It was very difficult to sit still for procedure—probably because I was entering transition. Most of the rest went by in a blur. My contractions were very strong and kept coming. My body was taking over. The nurse checked and told me not to push until she got the doctor. I honestly don’t remember how long it took or how many pushes but it wasn’t much. The cord was around the head and the doctor slipped it off. One more push and we heard the glorious words, “It’s a boy!!!!!”

That’s how Scott entered the world at 2pm, April 24, 2002. He weighed in at 9lbs, 9oz and was a healthy screamer. Wasn’t that just yesterday?

Happy Birthday, Buddy!!!

Monday, April 23, 2007


She’s so excited!!! Sara always checks her caterpillar each morning and each night before going to bed to make sure it is still alive. So the other night she comes running into the living room with it all excited, “Mommy LOOK!!!” It’s made a cocoon. I guess the pecan was enough sustenance to get it to the next stage. Sara and Scott are all excited to see what it will look like when it emerges. She's shown it to all the neighbors!!

I’m pretty sure it is a tent worm so in about 3 weeks, we should see a new moth!! I remember raising lots of Monarch butterflies growing up. It was so much fun!!! I can’t wait to see their faces when the new life emerges!

I can see metamorphosis in my children too. So much growth in just 6mos. They amaze me daily in the new things they say and do and how they analyze things. They are awesome!

Yard Sales

We had a yard sale Saturday. It’s amazing what people will buy. It’s ALSO amazing how little they want to pay for some things. LOL!!! We did pretty good--$250. Not bad for the small amount of stuff we had to put out. But we did have some large items—band saw, crib (no more babies for me!!), play kitchen, bike and toddler table. I had to go back through the kids’ stuff when they weren’t looking and pull out more stuff I KNEW they wouldn’t play with! LOL!! Now our neighbors did awesome--$750!!!! But it’s scary how much STUFF they had to sell!!

All leftovers were taken to Goodwill to bless someone else. No clutter was allowed back into the house. Flylady would be pleased!!

Friday, April 20, 2007

It's a Caterpillar!!!!

“Mommy LOOK!!!! It’s a caterpillar!!! It’s so cute and fuzzy!!!” This is Sara, age 6.5. She’s totally afraid of bugs. But here she is with a fuzzy tent worm caterpillar in her hand, stroking it’s back and talking baby-talk to it. Amazing!! They’ve been playing with them at school. There must be thousands of them on the playground. They play with them and then when one child has to go home, they hand them off to someone else to play with. It’s too funny!!

She put hers in a cup with some grass and a pecan from the yard and is keeping it on her nightstand next to her bed. It really likes the pecan! She checks it each morning and night to make sure it is still alive. Oh and she named it Fuzzy. I guess if a bug is “cute” enough, it can win her over! LOL!!!

Then there’s Scott, age 5--well he will be next week. I don’t think he’s even picked one up. He’s more likely to stomp on them or run over them with his bike! Boys! Oh, btw, he calls them "calapitters". LOL!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Home Videos

My husband has been focused on transferring all of our home videos to DVD. “Those tapes won’t last forever!” It is so much fun watching them when they were little; the way they walked, the way they talked, those adorable little things they did. It’s so easy to forget. We spent the evening trying to figure out their ages in certain clips or what year it was.

How old are my children you ask? They are 5 and 6.5 yrs old. Doesn’t seem long enough to have forgotten these things does it…….. but it is. It feels like a million years ago that they were babies. And it also seems like just yesterday.

It was so sweet watching Sara tell Dad about a goose “fedder” she had found and how she couldn’t pick it up because it was dirty. And to hear Scott tell us about the “leakybug” ladybug he had found and watch his little 2yr-waddle. They grow so fast and times get so busy that it’s too easy to just push on through and overlook the little things that gave us such joy when they were little.

So my goal……and my challenge to you and your family who read with me… to slow down and enjoy the little things with my children every day. Even when the days are cloudy (and with children, there are quite a few), always strive to find at least one ray of sunshine to brighten your day.