Friday, April 20, 2007

It's a Caterpillar!!!!

“Mommy LOOK!!!! It’s a caterpillar!!! It’s so cute and fuzzy!!!” This is Sara, age 6.5. She’s totally afraid of bugs. But here she is with a fuzzy tent worm caterpillar in her hand, stroking it’s back and talking baby-talk to it. Amazing!! They’ve been playing with them at school. There must be thousands of them on the playground. They play with them and then when one child has to go home, they hand them off to someone else to play with. It’s too funny!!

She put hers in a cup with some grass and a pecan from the yard and is keeping it on her nightstand next to her bed. It really likes the pecan! She checks it each morning and night to make sure it is still alive. Oh and she named it Fuzzy. I guess if a bug is “cute” enough, it can win her over! LOL!!!

Then there’s Scott, age 5--well he will be next week. I don’t think he’s even picked one up. He’s more likely to stomp on them or run over them with his bike! Boys! Oh, btw, he calls them "calapitters". LOL!!!

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Laurie said...

We get "calapillar" around here. Funny how they butcher words, eh? :) Glad you started a blog! Can't wait to see what comes up next!