Friday, April 27, 2007

Sara's Stage Debut!

The 1st grade classes had their programs Tuesday night. It was so great!!! It was called “Character Counts” and was a series of fairy tales (although Humpty Dumpty was included even though it’s “just a nursery rhyme”) that taught lessons on how to behave and show your good character.

Sara’s class did “The Three Little Pigs”. She had one small speaking part and did quite well. I was a bit concerned when I tried to drop her off in the gym to get ready and she started crying and clinging to me. She is quite the little Drama Queen!! I finally took her in and got her settled so I could find my way to our seats in the cafetorium (cafeteria/auditorium). “Our lesson for today is to always do what you think is right.” That was her part. She said it clearly and somewhat loudly but kept her head dipped down a bit. She is very talented in many areas but lacks the confidence to do her best work. We are working on this and hopefully the more she “performs”, the better she’ll feel about it.

All of the children very impressive. They all knew their lines without fail and spoke out loudly and clearly so all could hear. They had such great emotion and “performed’ their parts rather than just saying them. It’s really amazing to watch them blossom like this. They all had so much fun and we had a blast watching them. I can’t wait for next year’s program!!!

The music teacher, Mrs. Banks, is wonderful!! She has such great patience with the children and really helps them to shine. Sara just loves her! She has been nominated for teacher of the year for our school district and is currently in the top 25 teachers. We are VERY proud of her!!! Good luck, Mrs. Banks!!! We're all rootin' for ya!!!!

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