Wednesday, June 13, 2007

And Today's Bad Mommy Award Goes To.........

Sara woke up this morning saying her neck and throat were sore. I told her she probably just slept with her neck crooked and her mouth open and she'd be ok. She only ate a bite of her waffle but otherwise seemed ok. She never said she didn't feel like going to summer camp, she didn't have a fever and I really needed to go to work so off we went. I figured she would feel better once she got there and started playing with her friends.

So the phone rang at about 11:45 and it's the day care. "Sara is throwing up." Wonderful. Must be a tummy bug. I'd had second thoughts all morning about sending her and now I felt just terrible. I got her home and covered her up on the couch to watch some tv and rest. She didn't vomit any more but her throat was still sore. I checked and saw it was red with little yellow bumps. Great. So then, we headed to the doctor. The nurse came in with the item that strikes fear in most school aged children--the throat swab. After much whining, crying and lamenting, the swab was done. Diagnosis?? Strep Throat. Of course.

I guess Sara and I get to have a Mommy/Daughter day. Hopefully she'll feel better soon because she not the easiest kid to be around when she doesn't feel well.

Blogger Illiterate

Yeppers, that’s me. Still trying to figure out this blogger stuff. Like how to post a link so that a title or phrase shows instead of the link itself or how to do strikethroughs. But the most aggravating thing right now is why the “Wordless Wednesday" post I put up last night isn’t showing for me. It says it’s published and when I search for it, it’s there, but I just don’t see it on the front page. HHHhhmmmmm…….

So, if you can’t see it, try this link: and if THAT doesn’t work, then just search this blog for “wordless”. Enjoy.

Oh, and if you have any solutions to my other issues, I’m all ears!!!!

One last thing, if you didn't have any problem seeing the Wordless Wednesday post, just tell me I'm crazy. LOL!!!!

UPDATE: OK, so I AM crazy because now, since I posted THIS post, the other post is showing. I give up. Where are the nice men in the white coats??????

Monday, June 11, 2007

Monday Musings

The next color in the rainbow is……………….


1. Who's your favorite Ninja Turtle?
2. Do you have a green thumb?
3. What's your favorite kind of salad?
4. Do you get seasick?
5. Are you a fan of the "Shrek" movies? Have you gone to see the third one?

1. Scott calls them Injun Turtles. But he (therefore, I) do not watch them so no favs here.
2. Nope, can’t say that I do. My gardens and house plants generally start out well but they all eventually die of thirst.
3. Chicken salad, macaroni salad, chef salad.
4. Oh gosh yes!!!! Gotta have my patch or Bonine!!!
5. We LOVE Shrek!!!!! We saw Shrek the Third last weekend and it was pretty good. But I think the first and second were better.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Monday Musings

Oh yes, late again. Maybe I should call this one Tuesday Tidbits?? Sorry. Blush I pulled the questions from the site I usually get them from but I found them to be a bit crass and “adult” for my site so I had to come up with my one. Not an easy feat, I must say!! But here they are--remember we are doing the colors of the rainbow.


1. What is your favorite yellow vegetable or fruit?
2. Yellow lemonade or Pink lemonade?
3. How many yellow articles of clothing do you own?
4. Mello Yello or Mountain Dew?
5. Did you ever want to ride on the Yellow Submarine?

1. I love squash: fried, steamed, grilled, sautéed, you name it.
2. They taste the same but pink is more festive.
3. I own no yellow clothing, wait……maybe a pair of undies.
4. Mello Yello. It has slightly less sugar than Mtn Dew.
5. I always loved that song and I think it would be cool to do.

Friday, June 01, 2007

A curse on all dressing room mirrors!

Sara and I went shopping last weekend for clothes. Poor thing only had one pair of shorts and it’s getting pretty hot around here—90’s this week. She wanted to try everything on which is a plus because I then have “less” clothing that she refuses to wear after we get it home. She’s my modest one preferring Bermuda shorts and Capri’s over anything shorter than mid thigh. She would pull them up and if they were too short, she’d squeal, “Oh my gosh!! Those are TOO short!!” and pull them off before even getting them all the way on! LOL!! Quiet prayer, “please God, let her keep this modesty when she’s a teen!”

Well, I decided to look for some shorts too since I haven’t bought clothes for myself in ages and Piper, the hyper Border Collie has ripped most of mine anyways. Ok, first thing…….who in this world designed those “sits just above your hiney” clothes. Those should only be made in size 0 because if you have any amount of a belly or rear, you’ll never even be able to pull them up!!!!

So I looked at myself in the mirror and thought, whoa, am I on candid camera? Did someone switch this mirror with a funhouse mirror??? I looked like a butterball turkey!!! My belly poked way out in front and my rear did the same in the…..well, the rear. There is no way I’m as big as I looked!! Or am I???? I’m just slouching, I need to stand up straight and suck it in. Nope, still there!! ARRGHHH!!!!!

Time to start taking better care of myself. I need to change my eating habits and start exercising. No better time than the present. So if you are inclined to follow along with me, come visit me at

Camo Croc--Missing In Action

Scott came hobbling in the back door one night with only one shoe on. What’s wrong? Nothing. Where’s your croc shoe? I dunno. I can’t find it. Where did you leave it? I dunno. Why don’t you know? We were playing with them, throwing them on the swing set and now I can’t find it. I’ll just wear my sandals. Well, you’d better find it, they are brand new!! I’ve looked! I can’t find it!!

So I volunteer for the dangerous search and rescue mission. Camo Croc was most likely kidnapped by his arch nemesis, Piper……aka, Hyperdog. The first phase of the mission was to locate all of Hyperdog’s secret lairs—places she could torment Camo Croc without fear of discovery. Her favorite torture is to chew on her victims for a while and then slobber all over them until they break and spill everything, from who keeps hiding my keys to where Jimmy Hoffa is buried.

First lair I find is under the back porch steps. It’s dark and buggy under there. Shudder I find carcasses of rubber balls and soda bottles but Camo Croc was not there. Next I looked in the barren wasteland under the swing set. Nothing there but drifting dunes where Hyperdog’s been digging for buried treasure. My last resort was to enter……THE GARAGE…….an intricate labyrinth of two year old moving boxes, bicycles, roller blades, hockey equipment and a multitude of tools. If you aren’t careful, you can get lost for days……weeks even!!! I cautiously enter the maze, dropping a few bread crumbs along the way to aid my retreat. I find one of my shoes, a tortured hockey puck and several dismembered puppy toys but once again, no Camo Croc.

Then it hit me like a beam! Where is the best place to hide something? Right under your nose!! Camo Croc must be hiding in plain sight to escape capture. I make criss-cross passes over the yard. No luck. One last ditch effort in the fading light sent me around the perimeter. There I found him…..Camo Croc……making a break from the swing set to the spruce tree where he could hide. I actually almost stepped on him. He blended perfectly into his surroundins. He is, afterall, Camo Croc! A quick inspection showed no signs of torture so he must have been able to evade Hyperdog’s clutches. Mission completed successfully!!!!

We all slept soundly that night knowing that Camo Croc was safe and sound in Scott’s bedroom. But as we were getting ready for school the next morning………..Scott, where’s your shoe? I dunno…………….