Friday, June 01, 2007

A curse on all dressing room mirrors!

Sara and I went shopping last weekend for clothes. Poor thing only had one pair of shorts and it’s getting pretty hot around here—90’s this week. She wanted to try everything on which is a plus because I then have “less” clothing that she refuses to wear after we get it home. She’s my modest one preferring Bermuda shorts and Capri’s over anything shorter than mid thigh. She would pull them up and if they were too short, she’d squeal, “Oh my gosh!! Those are TOO short!!” and pull them off before even getting them all the way on! LOL!! Quiet prayer, “please God, let her keep this modesty when she’s a teen!”

Well, I decided to look for some shorts too since I haven’t bought clothes for myself in ages and Piper, the hyper Border Collie has ripped most of mine anyways. Ok, first thing…….who in this world designed those “sits just above your hiney” clothes. Those should only be made in size 0 because if you have any amount of a belly or rear, you’ll never even be able to pull them up!!!!

So I looked at myself in the mirror and thought, whoa, am I on candid camera? Did someone switch this mirror with a funhouse mirror??? I looked like a butterball turkey!!! My belly poked way out in front and my rear did the same in the…..well, the rear. There is no way I’m as big as I looked!! Or am I???? I’m just slouching, I need to stand up straight and suck it in. Nope, still there!! ARRGHHH!!!!!

Time to start taking better care of myself. I need to change my eating habits and start exercising. No better time than the present. So if you are inclined to follow along with me, come visit me at


nutmeg said...

I hate the mirrors that make you skinnier than you actually are so you buy the shorts - and then see the butterball turkey when you put them on at home!

Jen E said...

Good point nutmeg! Let's just outlaw them all!! LOL!!