Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Blogger Illiterate

Yeppers, that’s me. Still trying to figure out this blogger stuff. Like how to post a link so that a title or phrase shows instead of the link itself or how to do strikethroughs. But the most aggravating thing right now is why the “Wordless Wednesday" post I put up last night isn’t showing for me. It says it’s published and when I search for it, it’s there, but I just don’t see it on the front page. HHHhhmmmmm…….

So, if you can’t see it, try this link: and if THAT doesn’t work, then just search this blog for “wordless”. Enjoy.

Oh, and if you have any solutions to my other issues, I’m all ears!!!!

One last thing, if you didn't have any problem seeing the Wordless Wednesday post, just tell me I'm crazy. LOL!!!!

UPDATE: OK, so I AM crazy because now, since I posted THIS post, the other post is showing. I give up. Where are the nice men in the white coats??????


Jeana said...

If that happens again, try going to your front page and clicking on refresh. Sometimes the old page shows, for some reason.

Thanks for stopping by and for your sweet comment! Your kids are adorable.

Jen E said...

Thanks Jeana, for your compliment and your advise. I did try refreshing but I think the server must have been running behind. I'll figure it out someday! LOL!!!

Surviving Motherhood said...

Hi, heather here from TopBlogMag just going by to check you out.

re your blogger problems: To pu a link in blogger is very simple (once you know how). Just highlight the text that you want to be the linking phrase or word, then hit the button that looks like the world with a link in front of it, That will open up a separate box for you to put the url you want to link to in. You won't be able to click the link or check it when you are still in the edit mode, you have to wait until after you have published and check it from the actual post.

I don't think you can do strike throughs in blogger or at least I havent found a way to do them.

Hope that helps.