Wednesday, June 13, 2007

And Today's Bad Mommy Award Goes To.........

Sara woke up this morning saying her neck and throat were sore. I told her she probably just slept with her neck crooked and her mouth open and she'd be ok. She only ate a bite of her waffle but otherwise seemed ok. She never said she didn't feel like going to summer camp, she didn't have a fever and I really needed to go to work so off we went. I figured she would feel better once she got there and started playing with her friends.

So the phone rang at about 11:45 and it's the day care. "Sara is throwing up." Wonderful. Must be a tummy bug. I'd had second thoughts all morning about sending her and now I felt just terrible. I got her home and covered her up on the couch to watch some tv and rest. She didn't vomit any more but her throat was still sore. I checked and saw it was red with little yellow bumps. Great. So then, we headed to the doctor. The nurse came in with the item that strikes fear in most school aged children--the throat swab. After much whining, crying and lamenting, the swab was done. Diagnosis?? Strep Throat. Of course.

I guess Sara and I get to have a Mommy/Daughter day. Hopefully she'll feel better soon because she not the easiest kid to be around when she doesn't feel well.


nutmeg said...

I just dosed out the end of the antibiotics to two of my own streppers. Feel better, Sara!

Amanda said...

Poor things!