Saturday, December 15, 2007

Angels Among Us

My cell phone rang just as I saw the stopped traffic ahead. Hubby and Scott had left for skating a few minutes before us so he must be calling to warn me about an accident. His voice is very stressed and he is out of breath. "Hey, let me get to the top of the hill" "Are you OK????" The line went dead. Now, I'm concerned. Was he in an accident? I'm getting closer to the accident site now. It must have just happened. No emergency responders are there yet. I try to call him back without success.

I see the car involved in the accident. It's totalled. At first I think it must have been rear-ended but as I get closer, I see that it obviously has rolled many times. I frantically search the sides of the road and the embankments for Hubby's red truck but I don't see it. I call again and get through but it's a dead signal area so the call keeps breaking up. Finally we get to talk. They are fine but he is extremely shaken. We meet up just up the road and I hug Hubby and Scott hard and try not to cry.

A car in front of Hubby had crossed the center line. The oncoming car veered off the road on the right to miss it and lost control. He then swerved back onto the road and was headed directly at Hubby. Hubby jerked the truck off the road onto a steep drop embankment to avoid him. The oncoming car then totally lost control and rolled several times. Hubby said he watched it in the rear view mirror. Miraculously, the other driver crawled out of the car on his own although after seeing the car, I don't know how. He did appear to be injured but not seriously. I asked Hubby how close was the car to him when he veered off the road. "About a foot, I just knew he had hit us but he didn't". Luckily, Scott really didn't know what had happened so he wasn't too upset. Hubby was visibly shaken but he is OK now.

I do believe in angels. There had to have been an angel in each car today. One angel was in Hubby's truck to help him steer off the road at the last second. The other angel was in the other car and wrapped it's wings around the driver to protect him. I don't see how anyone would have survived, except by the Grace of God. Thanks to God for protecting my family.


Momo Fali said...

Wow. I'm so glad everyone is okay! Gave me goosebumps!

Jen E said...

Thanks Momo! Yes, I still get the willys when I think about it.

Kim said...

I am so very glad your family (and the other driver)is okay. What a scary thing to have happen.

Keep hugging them tight!

Jen E said...

Thanks, Kim! I have been. It really makes you realize that in an instant, your life can totally change and we should appreciate our lives and live every day to it's fullest.

kimmylyn said...

I can't even begin to imagine how tight your chest was during this. I am so happy everyone is safe.

Happy holidays.
(found ur blog through cre8buzz.. )

Jen E said...

Thanks, Kimmylyn. It was very stressful. So glad they were all ok.

newnorth said...

yikes! I can imagine being shaken up after that.