Thursday, July 29, 2010

Am I nuts or just cookie crazy?

Ok, I'm starting to worry I leaped before I looked with this Girl Scout Leader thingee!! I really want to do this. I want Sara to be involved with a group and learn teamwork and community service. I really think she needs this especially at this point in her life.....a tween, hormones already raging, worrying about how others see her, how she looks......she's the typical egocentric tween and her self-image and self-esteem are taking a nose dive.

I tried to get her into Scouts last year but there is a shortage of Troop Leaders in my area and the school year was half over before they found a spot for her. By that time we were already over-committed so we decided to pass on it. So this year, I decided to make sure she got in by being the Leader myself. Just got my official okey dokey this week!

But I don't know anything about Girl Scouts!! I was a Brownie for 1....maybe 2 years (when MY Mom was a leader!) and that was it! I don't like to camp, I'm not very crafty and I'm crazy busy with a full time job, kids to raise with school and sports and a home to pretend I manage!!

BUT.....I do love teaching others new things, and I love helping others especially young girls find their inner strengths and talents and I love making a difference and helping others do the same.

SO....I guess I'll be okay. Maybe we won't do a ton of camping, maybe we won't make all the SWAPS. But maybe we'll have a great time finding ourselves and growing together and helping others at the same time. And let's not forget they nummy Girl Scout Cookies!!!

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