Thursday, July 29, 2010

I Ate That Frog!!

Have you heard the story about eating a frog? You are given a task to eat a frog. It's a disgusting looking, foul smelling frog! It's HUGE!! And you just don't want to do it. So you put it off. But you keep looking at it and getting sick to your stomach. As the day wears on, it follows you around getting dirtier. It gets hot and sweaty and stinks even worse. And it's doubled in size!!!! Now, you REALLY don't want to eat that frog!! And most of the don't. You just let it keep following you around getting bigger and dirtier and more disgusting as ever.

Now you realize that if you had started your day with a quick frog gulp, it would be over. Would have been unpleasant? Probably. But would it have been better than eating that nasty, dirty, disgusting frog it's grown into.

So today, I decided to eat my frog. I needed to talk to the school about Scott's placement for 3rd grade. I was putting it off because he'd had a rough year last year and I just really didn't want to face the administration. But the school called yesterday with questions about Sara's placement. I tried to eat the frog then. But they didn't have the time to discuss Scott then and asked me to call back in the afternoon. I had time in the afternoon.....but I didn't call. That frog just looked way to gross to eat!! But this morning, I realized that it had to be done and it was in his best interest and I just needed to get over it and do it.

So I did. And it wasn't near as bad as I expected. They appreciated my input and agreed with me on the environment he needed. So I feel good about his upcoming school year. And I'm so glad I made that call. It's over, done, finished!!!

One frog down!! Next frog please!!!

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