Thursday, August 02, 2012

Must Be August!

I don't know what it is about August but it seems to tap on my blogging shoulder and whisper in my ear, "hey, don't ya miss the Blog?"  I have restarted this blog several times always in August.  Now it appears that August missed me or I didn't hear her last year but that's ok.  I have missed blogging.  I don't think many or maybe even ANY people read it, but that's ok too.  Someone may stumble upon it and find something they like one day. 

I am trying to decide what direction to go though.  I've always had a mish-mash of everything on here.  But I wonder if I should focus on SOMETHING like Scouts or Tweens or ADHD or Photography or Health or any number of other things!!  If you happen to read this and have an opinion, drop me a note and let me have it!!  But for now, Let's get this party started and see what we can do here!


Kim said...

well luckily your blog is still in my reader list, so i see your posts when you decide to try blogging again. :)

as for a topic for your blog... i think it is good to have one or two main topics to post about but you should never feel like you can't post about other things as well. it is the posts that are written from the heart that are the best to read. so whatever is on your heart for the day should be what you post about.

glad to see you blogging again

Jen E said...

Someone DOES still read it!!! Hey Kim! I've been following your blog too but I've lost all my feedreaders somehow. Need to get one up again so I can catch up with everyone! I hope to keep this going. I do enjoy it but life always seems to get in the way. :)