Saturday, August 11, 2012

Chicken.....and Shrimp! It's what's for dinner!

I've recently begun cooking again.  I mean real cooking, with fresh ingredients and recipes.  Not dumping a box in a pot.  This is driven partly by my family's efforts to improve our health and cooking from scratch is getting us away from all those processed foods and broadening our food horizons. 

I'm loving it even if it is a bit of a challenge with my busy schedule.  And I'm finding myself severely disorganized in the kitchen from all those years of box cooking.  But I'm still loving it!  I'm getting faster each day I cook!  LOL!!

One of my favorite cooking blogs has got to be Gina's Skinny Recipes at  She is AWESOME!!  I've tried several of her recipes and I'm always satisfied!!  I'll post more of my Proven Awesome Recipe from her site later.  But tonight I made Healthy Baked Chicken Nuggets for the kiddos (yup, those are mine in the photo) and Healthy Breaded Shrimp for Hubby and me (sorry, no photo for those, we scarfed them up too quick!). 

Both were a huge hit!!  The nuggets were moist and tender.  I added a little garlic powder on the chicken because we like it that way.  The shrimp were soooo good!  I never need to eat a "fried" shrimp again!!  And both recipes were easy.  The breading was the longest part but still didn't take too much time.  I served the shrimp with cole slaw and a baked sweet potato.  The kids had mac n cheese (admittedly, this WAS from a box!).  And a good meal was had by all!

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