Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Santa Meets The Tooth Fairy

Well, it's Christmas here! Merry Christmas to you all!!

I am still up. We are anxiously awaiting TWO magical icons tonight! Santa, of course, will be here---just as soon as Sara gives up and falls asleep!!!!! She has been having bedtime troubles for sometime now. I thought the fear of being skipped by Santa for still being awake would help tonight, but alas, the excitement is too great and she is STILL up requesting curtain calls--what was that noise? I'm too hot. My tummy hurts. I thought I heard prancing and pawing!! Ah.....perhaps she eventually will fall asleep so St. Nick can stop in!

But the REAL excitement is for Scott. You see, he lost his very first tooth today! Yes, he IS almost 7 and we were beginning to think he'd keep his baby teeth until college! He is so excited!!! He put the tooth at the edge of the bed so the Tooth Fairy can find it! I can't wait to see what is more exciting to him in the morning: Tooth Money or Santa Gifts!!

Oh and it's Piper, The Hyperdog's Birthday today! She's 2!! Lot's going on at our house today!!

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and ask that we all remember the reason for the season. Happy Birthday, Jesus!!!

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