Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ok, Ok, I get the message!!!!

I was starving. Don’t ask me why. I had eaten a ton of chips and salsa and a lunch special #6 at the local Mexican restaurant. But the afternoon munchies settled in anyway. I checked my wallet—a $20 bill and a handful of pennies. So I checked my desk—65 cents. Well THAT won’t get anything out of the machine. So I rifled through the pennies and ………. Eureka!! A dime!!!! Woohoo!!

Now armed with 75 cents, I headed to the breakroom. HHhhmmm……. A bag of Doritos is all I could get. Well, that would work. I was craving salt, anyway. In went one quarter, then a second, followed by 2 dimes then the nickel. But wait, what was the odd metallic sound? It had spat out my nickel! So I put it back in….. and again it spat it out. Over and over and over, I fed the machine my nickel and it promptly spat it out. What was I to do? Maybe it was the sequence, yeah, that was it. So I pushed the coin return button and collected my money. THIS time, I started with the nickel. Perhaps it wants that first. But again, the machine spat it out. Maybe it was the sensor…….so I dropped it in slow. Nope. Then I shot it in fast. Still no go. I rubbed it on my pants. Nope. Scraped the edge with my fingernail. Uhn uh.

At this point I realize how silly and desperate I must look and I admit defeat, retreating to my desk with a glass of water. Kudos to my Diet Angel!! But next time, she may just have to knock me up side the head!!!!

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Kim said...

Diet angel? Where can I get one of those??? I have NOT been able to stick to my diet at all.

Kim @ TheBitterBall