Wednesday, March 05, 2008

In like a Lion!!

WOW! What a night!!! We experienced the lovely (NOT!) storm front that moved over the southeast yesterday. We really need the rain but I could have definitely done without the high winds and lightning!!

I went to bed about 10:45 and left Hubby on the couch knowing full well he would be asleep in 5 minutes. I flipped on the TV and parked it on the local news station so I could monitor the weather. Didn’t look too bad and I was soooo tired so I drifted off to sleep.

I woke with a start. I’m not sure what woke me--maybe the weather alert signal on the TV or the wind hitting the house (although it was eerily silent when I awoke). I glanced at the clock--11:20pm--the storm front was supposed to have passed through by midnight. I looked at the TV and saw the biggest, reddest, most horrific-looking Doppler image I have ever seen. And then I noted it was right on top of us. About that time, the wind hit the house like a Mack truck and I headed toward the living room to get Hubby. Two steps from the bedroom door, the power went out. No flicker, no stutter—just OUT!

Hubby came to bed and we lay and listened to the wind beat the side of the house. There was an odd consistent whining sound making me nervous. You know, train sounds and tornados. We thought it was just the wind but weren’t sure so Hubby got up to look around. He even went outside. I tagged along and stuck my head out the door. The whole area was dark because of the power outage so it was kind of weird. We couldn’t see any funnels during the lightning flashes and the sound started to get softer so we went back to bed to listen to the wind slam the rain against the house and strain our ears for any hint of tornados.

Finally the storm passed and we fell asleep. Until 5:30am that is, when the power came back on with all the lights on and the TVs blaring static. I saw several downed trees on my way to work this morning and the power guys were out in force righting utility poles and repairing lines. Our manufacturing facility lost power too so we have lots of stuff to do to get all the systems back up and evaluate the products. It’s gonna be a long day. But we thank God that everyone is ok.

And how did the children fair through the whole ordeal, you ask? Sleep through the whole thing!! God love ‘em!!!

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