Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Got. To. Get. Healthy!!

Over the last few months, my husband and I have seen the pounds creep back on.   I guess it was inevitable as we succumbed to convenience foods and fast foods due to our crazy work, school and sports schedules.  We so need to make changes around our house.  The first being getting rid of the last of the Girl Scout Cookies.  Being Troop Leader/Cookie Mom and having all those cookies sitting there calling your name is NOT good for a healthy way of eating-- or a healthy wallet for that matter!  Also, we need to stop buying the junk snacks we have in the house.  If it’s there, it WILL be eaten!!

So I’ve been trying to get back to cooking at home again.  It’s been great!  The food tastes so much better and I’m making extra so Hubby and I can take leftovers for lunch.  Double score—positive impact to health AND wallet!!!  I’ve tried a few newer recipes lately and also have tried to lighten some others up.  

It is still hard to work home cooking into my crazy schedule but I’m learning to improve my meal planning skills and kitchen organization to help.  I admit I’m not cooking each night but even 2 or 3 nights a week is a big help.  One thing I’ve learned which works for so many things is to start low and go slow or risk a burnout.  Using the grocer sales flyers to plan my meals has been a great help.  I also try to do several themes each week like Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Fun Food, Crockpot—then I look for new recipes to try.  It keeps it interesting!!

Stay tuned to see some of my Proven Awesome Recipes very soon!!  Next step is to get moving!  More on that later.

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