Thursday, September 06, 2007

Can I still call him my baby boy?

Today, my little boy took a very big step. He was excited and anxious this morning as we got dressed. He happily grabbed his backpack and hopped into Daddy's truck. I left the house alone today for the first time in years. Daddy walked him to his room and got him settled. No tears, no clinginess--just a little anxious. When I picked him up this evening, he was all excited. He had eaten all his lunch and had chocolate milk for snack. He didn't get any warnings and he got a bag of hershey' kisses. He made new friends but he couldn't remember their names. And yes, he is ready to go back on Monday. And that was how Scott's first day of Kindergarten went. I'd say it was a smashing success. But he'll always be my baby boy!!


BetteJo said...

Yeah he will. They just look different and sound different sometimes, change and grow - but they always remain your babies.


nutmeg said...

Finn turns one tomorrow and I cried reading your post!

Kim said...

Glad his first day was a success. My kids could never remember their new friends names either at that age.

My oldest son is 11 now and I still call him my baby. Even my 18 year old nephew is still a giggling 2 year old in my mind!

Kim @ TheBitterBall

Amanda said...

'Course he will!

Thanks for visiting my blog. Love your title!

Jen E said...

Thank you so much for your kind words. It's still hard to accept how fast they grow!