Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Mommy Makeover??

Sing For Him over at Real Life has asked if money were no object, would you have a Mommy Makeover, i.e. plastic surgery? This got me thinking. I have never been a “perfect 10”….or even a semi-perfect 5, but I’m not totally ashamed of how I look. I was always small-chested but “perky”. I also have always had what Mom calls “the Smith Tummy”—that little lower-ab paunch borne by all the women on her side of the family. And I’ve always been hippy—Mom called them “birthin’ hips”!!! But since having two babies, my body has morphed into a saggy body with huge hips and a paunch that makes people think I’m about 4 months pregnant!!!! And I’m definitely NOT!!

So what would I do? Well, I’ve never wanted a chest augmentation. I always thought they looked like they had a ball cut in half and put in there—too round, not remotely natural looking. But, I wouldn’t mind a lift to put them back where they are supposed to be and make them perky again. As for the paunch, a tummy tuck would be nice. I’ve never had a flat stomach and with a short torso, it’s probably a pipe dream but it would be nice. The only thing to do with these hippy hips is to suck the fat right out of them!!! SLURP!!!!

But the real question here is would I actually do it. And I’d have to say the answer is a resounding ……. No. You see, my Hubby, my family and my friends all love me for who I am—my personality, my naivety, my silliness, my smile--not what I look like. Would I like to lose some weight and tone up my muscles? Yes, because it will make me feel better physical and yes, emotionally. But I don’t feel that I need to be that “perfect 10” to be loved. So for me, the answer is a little less late night snacking, some more walking and a few sit-ups!!!!!


Kim said...

What is it with genetics anyway? I have that same tummy paunch from my mom's family. She calls it the "pooch". Only the women end up with it. My brother don't have it at all. Sickening!

Kim @ TheBitterBall

Jen E said...

Yep, Kim, same here. None of the men have it. It's not fair!!!!! :P