Friday, October 12, 2007

Where do the monsters live, Mommy?

The other night, we had been watching Godzilla. Scott was really enjoying it and wasn't scared at all. Well......not REALLY scared. This is how bedtime went:

(Tucking Scott into bed)

What was the monster's name, Mommy?
What monster?
On TV?
Oh, Godzilla.
Where does he live? Is he just in the city or does he come into the neighborhoods?
Oh, he just lives in the city.
Our city, Mommy?
Oh, no, just way up in New York. That's a long way away.
Just in New York?
Yes, just New York.
OK, goodnight, Mommy.
Goodnight sweetie.


CableGirl said...

New York? I thought Godzilla rampaged across Tokyo... I didn't realize he was a world traveler as well as a destructor. ;)

Deb said...

Whew! Dodged that nightmare bullet!

Kim said...

I wonder what parents in New York tell their kids?

My oldest son love, love, loved that Godzilla movie with Mathew Broderick. <-- did i spell his name right? well, doesn't really matter. It was kind of a cute movie, too bad it flopped. Had the perfect set up for a sequal.

Kim @ TheBitterBall

Jen E said...

Cablegirl, yup, he swam the ocean!

Deb, yes, nightmare averted! Thank goodness!!

Kim, yeah, I was looking for the sequel too but I guess it didn't pan out.