Friday, May 02, 2008

Jose is no longer my friend

I didn’t tell you about my weekend, did I? It was something else! We had Scott’s b-day party Sat at The Little Gym. Awesome place! They are so good with the children and they get to run around like crazy!!! He had a Transformer cake and got tons of Transformer toys, surprisingly, none of which he already had. He was in Transformer Heaven!!

Then some of our close friends came back to our house for the “afterparty”. We had pizza and beer. THEN we ladies asked “Jim” to mix us some margaritas. Now, we knew better but no one else would do it so it was up to him. And apparently, we told him they weren’t very strong so he apparently bumped it up a notch………..or ten!!!!!!!!!!!! I was very happy and really silly. It was fun. Until………………

About 10:30 everyone left except for one of the girls who was sleeping over with Sara. About 10:35, I sat in the recliner to watch the girls play checkers. About 10:40, I felt the need……….urgent, desperate need……….to run to the bathroom. That pretty much ends the night. I got soooo sick!! Then I collapsed on the bed and didn’t get up until morning. Oh and my friend barely made it home before worshiping the porcelain god!

Don’t worry, hubby was taking care of the children. I think I remember him coming in about midnight and laughing at me. Then I woke several times with a jack hammer working in my head but the room was spinning so fast I couldn’t find the floor to get some Excedrin. And when do you think the kids got up? 6:45am!! Uggghhh!! I’ll save you the rest of the gory details but let’s just say I didn’t fully recover until late Sunday night. Yes, I learned my lesson…………….never let “Jim” mix the drinks!!!! LOL!!! So I think it will be quite some time before I dance with Jose again!


Kim said...

Oh, my dear friend, I have been there many a time. The good Captain Morgan and I have not been on speaking terms for quite some time now. I show my love for him by downing a dozen or so of his tasty drinks and he repays me with a night on the bathroom floor.

Kim @ TheBitterBall

Laurie said...

Sweetie, it's time I make you aware of're past that magical 3-0, and have been for some time. Restrict yourself to some nice wine...maybe a glass or two, tops. That's just the evil of getting older. Though, it was a good post and gave me a good giggle. ;) I've never been drunk. Nope. I can't drink enough to get hammered - I just get sleepy and stop drinking. lol
CYE (butterfly)