Thursday, April 24, 2008

Interview with a 6 year old

April 24, 2008. 7:30am

Mom: So how old are you now?
Scott: {{holds up five fingers on one hand and a thumb on the other}}
Mom: So how old is that?
Scott: {{draws a “6” in the air}}
Mom: So how old is THAT???
Scott: Six!!!!
Mom: Wow!! Six years old? How does that feel?
Scott: BBWWAHHHHH!!!!! {{does a crazy dance}}
Mom: So what does THAT mean?
Scott: Good!!!
Mom: Tell me what you can do now at 6 that you couldn’t do at 5.
Scott: Go to the Sunshines. (that’s the next afterschool class up at our daycare)
Mom: Well, tell me how you are going to celebrate being 6.
Mom: You know what?
Scott: What?
Mom: I love you!!
Scott: I knew that!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Scott!! We love you lots!!


Kim said...

Happy birthday Scott!

I miss 6, but I have another headed there.

Laurie said...

Happy HAPPY Birthday Scott!!! Welcome to SIX!!