Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Calapitters 2008

Yes, we have "calapitters" again! I’m still amazed that Sara will pick them up and play with them and Scott won’t touch ‘em!! They each have two that they have collected. Every day they ask to keep more but I think four caterpillars is a gracious plenty to keep on my kitchen counter top!

Let me tell ya, those little things are eating and pooping machines!!! They are eating a heavy diet of maple leaves and making complete pigs of themselves. One of Scott’s has already make a webby cocoon. One of Sara’s made what looked more like a chrysalis. I wanted to keep it but she said it was gross and threw it away. LOL!!! I will try to get some pictures of the little guys before they all get to the cocoon stage. Hopefully, they will emerge this year. The one we had last year didn’t do anything. Look for pics!!!

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