Tuesday, November 18, 2008

He's just not ready...

Nope, he doesn’t care that it is 20 degrees outside. So what if it’s only going to be 40 degrees today. We’ve been struggling to get Scott into long pants for over a month now. The teachers in carpool line are always exclaiming, Oh, my gosh, he’s in shorts!!

We compromised with jacket and shorts but the time has come. I even bribed him with an extra marble for his incentive rewards jar. That excited him but when the time came to put those long pants on………………..


It was like World War 3 in my living room!!!! A tantrum ensued reminiscent of the terrible twos. Stomping, screaming, falling on the floor and flailing around. And it did not end well. Oh, he DID wear his jeans. But in the process he lost his video games for a week and TV for tonight.
Hubby said he whined all the way to school. When he got out at carpool, the teacher said, Son, where’s your coat? Scott’s reply? A scowling "HHHUMMPHHHHH!!!!"


Kim said...


and i thought i had it bad trying to convince my kids they need to wear a coat instead of just a hoodie.

wonder why he's not wanting to give up the shorts??? maybe getting to the why might provide for an easier solution. unless it's just irrational kid logic and wanting to fight against what mom says. there is no cure for that!

Jen E said...

yeah, kim, he occasionally has transition issues. I think the jeans just aren't comfy and he just has to get used to them.

As an aside, i called his teacher to check on him and he was fine. I bet they complemented him on his jeans. :)