Monday, November 10, 2008


I have experienced the guardianship of angels before. There were the Angels who guided my brother and husband back to shore when they were caught in a rip tide at the beach.

There was the Angel who held my 16mo old daughter when she fell down the stairs so that she only had a carpet burn on her little nose.

There was the Angel who moved the truck my husband and son were riding in off the road keeping them from being hit head on and the Angel in the car with that driver who protected him as his car flipped end over end.

There was the Angel that slowed the deer that ran into our van a couple of months ago so that it hit the front fender instead of us hitting it head on.

And there was the Angel that grabbed my steering wheel last night as I swerved to avoid some trash in the road who maintained control of my van back to protect my children and me.

Yes, I believe there are Angels among us—each and every day.


Kim said...

Thank Heaven for the angels. and i do believe yours is working overtime!

Jen E said...

Thank God for the overtime!!!