Monday, November 10, 2008

In No Particular Order

Okay, so I tagged myself for the 7 random things from Kim at And She Lived. Since it’s November and Thanksgiving is around the corner, I’m going to do 7 random things I’m thankful for. So here they are in no particular order:

1. Intermittent wipers. I hate when it’s raining just enough to need a quick swipe but not enough to keep the wipers going. Before intermittent wipers, it was either turn them on and off every 30 seconds or leave them on and listen to them squeak across the windshield. SHUDDER!!!

2. Automatic door locks and windows. We had an unfortunate run in recently when a deer “run in” to the side of my van. Said van is now all healthy now (the deer? Not so much) but while it was getting nipped/tucked, my insurance company was gracious enough to let me use a rental car. Of course the only thing they would cover was a tiny little sardine can which is very nerve wracking when you are used to a Honda mini van. I got in the car and could not for the life of me figure out how to lock the doors or roll down the windows. Scott got in and was checking it all out when I heard him say, “oh, weird, what’s this?”, then “hey, cool, this handle thingy rolls the window down!”. Oh yeah, THAT’s how we use to do it!!

3. Fast food places that take plastic. Need I say more?

4. DVR. Seriously folks, how did we ever watch TV without one? No more missed shows, no more flashing 12:00, no more mad fast rewinding of VHS tapes trying to find an empty one to record on. How else could I watch 4 seasons of LOST on SciFi Mondays without missing a single episode. Me love my TiVo!!

5. Febreze laundry additive. Hey, Scott and Hubby both play hockey and the clothing and gear live in those dark, damp equipment bags so teeming with bacteria you need a gas mask to open them!! EEWWW!!!

6. Invisible dog fences. Our darling Piper, the Hyper Dog (aka—The Mud Pup) would have a much different life if it weren’t for invisible fences. She loves trying to herd every car that goes down the street, digging her way to China under the back porch and running a trench along the property line trying to get the neighbor’s dog to play with her. Our other neighbor says, “I look at her and say that’s a happy dog. She’s so filthy, she must be happy!”

7. Drive-thru Pharmacies. Have I ever told you guys about the time I schlepped Sara (2yrs) and Scott (infant in carrier) into an Eckerds to get a prescription filled only to have Sara lay down on the nasty floor and then proceed to barf up stuff MY grandmother ate and then have the little blond chippy cashier walk by and tell me, “I don’t do throwup”, and THEN after cleaning up floor myself have to stand in line behind 10 people at the counter with infant in carrier in tow and little 2yo covered in stinky vomit and wailing because of being covered in stinky vomit because no one would let me in front of them???? Yes, thank God for drive in pharmacies!!!!

I’m not sure anyone reads this anymore so if you happen by and want to play along, jump in!!!!


Kim said...

Glad you played along.

OMG... do i ever know what you mean about the hockey stink. it is SO gross. there is nothing else on earth quite like it. ever been in the locker room after a team of 20 grown men have just played a game? i have and the smell is so beyond nasty!

i didn't know they still made cars with windows that weren't electric. what's up with that?

Jen E said...

Yes, the locker rooms just about knock you out!! Even from the little guys. Hubby's hands still stink the next day from his gloves!!! EWWWWWWW!!!!!!