Friday, October 23, 2009

Fiction Friday!!

I know. I'm such a tease!!! I promised a new story LAST Friday and didn't deliver. And again this week, I'm behind the 8 ball with homelife and work and writing took a back seat. BUT.....I can give you a taste!

She awoke a little later than usual. The warm sunlight filtered through the lace curtains kissing her face while wonderful sounds drifted to her ears. Most mornings those wonderful sounds were the sweet songs of the chickadees getting their breakfast from the backyard feeders. But today, the songs were even sweeter—happy, laughing children’s voices rising up from the kitchen.

“Let’s put chocolate chips in them!!” “I want to make her one shaped like an “M”!!” Then the older voices chimed in. “Let’s keep the noise down or Mimi will know
what we’re doing!” “Oh, yeah, PaPa! It’s supposed to be a surprise!”


Kim said...

it's funny... i've been planning on doing a fiction friday for awhile now too, but like you i can't seem to fit it in with all the real life happenings around me.

Larry said...

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