Tuesday, May 08, 2007

He shoots.......he SCORES!!!!!!!!

Scott is an avid hockey fan. He loves to watch hockey with Daddy on TV and go to the games of our local NHL team. He’s been ice skating since last August and we think he’s pretty good. He’s also been taking hockey lessons since about the same time. He just started playing for real in the spring league. His hockey level is “mini-mite”—4 to 6 year olds. Most of the boys on the team played during the regular season which ran from October through March so they have experience and are quite good. Playing a real game is very different than passing the puck back and forth during practice. He doesn’t really understand the concepts of offense and defense. But he does what the coach tells him and he’s learning.

So Saturday’s game, I watched him drive the puck towards the goal several times only to lose control of it and miss the prize. Then it happened. The puck was loose behind the goal. Scott skated around behind the goal and hooked it around and in. It was beautiful!!!!! I was celebrating in the stands!! Daddy was celebrating on the bench!! Scott was celebrating on the ice!!! He was so proud of himself (as were we!)!!!

Talk about a boost of confidence!! He really threw himself into the game then—aggressively pursuing the puck and trying for another goal. But that would be the only one…….for THAT game!! Coach came to the locker room and presented him with the puck from his very first goal. Dad wrote his name and the date on it for him and it’s going into his treasure drawer.

I can’t wait to see where that sense of accomplishment and confidence takes him next game.

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