Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Dear Teacher,

Yes, I am aware it was 45 degrees this morning. Yes, I am also aware that my son came to school this morning in shorts and short sleeves. Out of all the daily battles I am presented, THIS is one I choose not to fight.

Thank you for all you do,


Kim said...

wow! really? a teacher is going to give a parent grief over that? i agree, so not worth the battle. i have a brother who wears shorts everyday, even in winter because his body just seems to run hot all the time. (he does wear pants to work since he must)

Indigo said...

I love it! I also choose not to battle over the clothes, unless it involves not wearing a coat and hat. Then I win. :-)

Jen E said...

LOL! No Kim, they didn't really say anything. :) The teachers in carpool line tease do him about it tho! It's hard when it's in the 40's in the am and then the 70's in the pm.

Kwizgiver said...

We have high-schoolers wearing shorts in January--and this is Maine!

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