Thursday, November 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Mama!!!!

Today, I am also immensely thankful for my mother! She is an awesome lady with enormous strength. She was diagnosed with Lupus in her early twenties and told she’s be dead in 6 years. Well, she definitely beat that!!! She went on to get married, have 2 children and now has 2 grandchildren. She's a great Mom!! She hasn’t had a easy life. Lupus is an autoimmune system that attacks a lot of your systems. She has had quadruple bypass surgery, arterial grafts, 5 hip replacements and 1 knee replacement and she’s still going at 68 years old today!

Happy Birthday Mama! I love you!!!


Larry said...

Happy Birthday to your mother...


Tendrils said...

Happy Birthday to your mom!!!!


Have a great weekend!