Thursday, July 12, 2007

That Darn Dog!!

Or maybe “Hyperdog Strikes Again” is a better title.

Let’s return to last evening. I got some hamburger and some beer at the grocer on the way home. I was going to have Hamburger Helper for dinner. I know, but the children will usually eat it and it’s quick and easy. Of course last night they cried for chicken nuggets instead! The beer was a new brand I’d tried in Baltimore—Blue Moon……..Belgium White……Wheat beer. Really good!!

I put the beer in the fridge in the garage. It’s a small dorm fridge Hubby’s boss gave to him. We use it mainly for beer which we rarely drink unless we have friends over. I got ready to start dinner and couldn’t find the hamburger. Oh yeah, I left it in the garage. I entered the garage and I saw Piper standing by the fridge. She immediately dropped her head and flattened her ears. Uh Oh!! What was that on the ground? A half eaten package of hamburger--93% lean hamburger…..1.5 pounds of hamburger…..$6 worth of hamburger!!!!!!!!!! ARRGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

What can I say? She’s just a pup. It was my fault for leaving it where she could get it. So Piper got a very nice meal of raw meat. The children got their chicken nuggets. Hubby and I got cold sandwiches. I think the dog got the best meal last night. At least I got a bottle of beer—Blue Moon……..Belgium White……Wheat beer. Really good!! MMmmmm!!!!

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Laurie said...


Reminds me of our next door neighbors when I was growing up. I lived outside the city limits and we were a one-road subdivision with large 3-4+ acre lots. It felt 'country'. The people across the street from us had two trash digging dogs. Our dog never had an interest in trash but the neighbor dogs did. They were the very bane of my mothers existence. Each morning after trash pickup, there would be a huge trail of trash all over our front yard. After a couple years of this, my mother had enough. One night our cat got into the burger my mom had brought home and so she took an entire can of black pepper and filled that burger with it. She set it out by the trash bags and went to bed, gleefully happy that the trash dogs would leave our trash along forever more. In the wee hours of morning, the dogs came around...sniffed...and gulped. One gulp down the hatch. No chewing. No tasting. Gone. They were back the next day.

In hind sight, I suppose red pepper flakes or jalepeno or poblano peppers would have been better.