Friday, July 20, 2007

I'm gonna call him Shadow....

Scott got a new pet yesterday. Well, sort of. Sara picked up a snail shell at daycare and Scott just had to have it.

I want the snail!
No, it's mine!
But you have a calapitter!!!!
No I don't!!!
Yes you do! It's a cocoon!!
No, I don't, it died! It never hatched!!! (oops, sorry I never updated you on that!)
But I want the snail!!!
Fine! Take it!
Thank you.

So he did. And he put it in a sippy cup with a lid just like Sara's calapitter. I kept telling him it was empty but he said he still wanted to keep it. He even put leaves in the cup. And he named it Shadow. (He wanted to name Hyperdog Shadow but we didn't feel it fit her. He was VERY disappointed.)

When Daddy put him to bed last night, they were looking at it.

Wow, that's neat.
It's name's Shadow.
Are all those leaves for it to eat?
No, it's dead. The leaves are it's bed.

Shadow currently resides next to his bed so he can look at him. Kids!

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