Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Who Needs Sleep?

My 5 year old does!!!! Poor Scott is operating on a sleep deficit the size of the national debt! It's all the Grands' and cousins' fault. We visited family for the holiday and they stayed up WAY too late. I generally try to get them in bed about 8:30 but this summer with the time change, it's been more like 9:30. But.......while on vacation, they were up until nearly midnight every night!! It's just so hard to give it up and go to sleep when you have cousins to play with. And of course, just because they go to bed late, doesn't mean they sleep late either. They get up at normal time and are just crabby patties all day long!!

Scott's main thing is to fight bedtime with a purple passion!! He wails and cries and kicks and flails lamenting that he's NOT tired, he wants water, he wants to watch TV, he wants to play video games......all the while desperately fighting to keep his eyes from closing. Even Sara is being affected. She was hitting her friends and telling her teachers "no" yesterday and this morning she was quite the little devil!!!!

God grant me strength. (And a nice rainy day so I can convince them it's later than it really is and get them in bed at a decent hour!!)

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