Saturday, February 28, 2009

He skipped the Motocross? He MUST be sick!!

Scott is apparently still sick. He and Hubby went to hockey practice today and were to go on to a freestyle motocross show tonight--both events Scott was very excited about. Hubby called about 6pm to say that Scott was really sick again. I could hear him wailing in the background. Apparently, once he got dressed out for practice, he started feeling ill again and refused to even hit the ice. And then, he didn't want to go to the motocross event. OK, this boy is obviously sick--a 7yo would NOT miss a Motocross show unless something was REALLY wrong!!

So they are on their way home now. He still has yet to vomit. Ok, probably TMI but he DID have a huge BM but it didn't seem to help. He's fallen asleep and they should be home soon. He's had a history of mysterious stomach ailments but a lot of it has been related to constipation. This time he showed where he hurts and it is definitely his stomach area. Gastritis? I guess we'll be visiting the doctor very soon! Poor guy!

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Kim said...

poor kiddo. hope he is better soon.