Monday, February 09, 2009

Oh What a Night!!!

But it wasn't Late December back in '63. It was last Friday night. You may well remember we have been fighting the tummy yuks here on the homefront. Sara had it 2 weeks ago and Scott had it last week. It's been a weird virus that hits hard with the nausea for a day then kinda hides behind a general bellyache and lack of appetite before swooping in for the kill 3 days later with the lower GI woes.

Well, Friday night, NO ONE in the house wanted me to sleep!! Sara woke up just as I got in bed about midnight. A drink of water and reassurances and she was back to sleep. I lay on the couch for a while to make sure she was down. After about a half hour, the Hyper Dog started to whine in the garage. Now this dog rarely makes a sound so this was odd. And if you remember, SHE was sick last week too!!! She continued to whine off and on until about 2AM so I got out of my nice warm bed to go outside in the cold with her. Poor thing pee'd a river but went right back to bed.

So now it is 2:30am and I hear, "Mommy!!" It was Scott, who also sleeps like a rock. "My tummy hurts really bad!!!" This is when the tummy bug delivered the finally blow with the lower GI flood. Poor guy!! Finally got him back into bed by 3:30 and I just collapsed on the couch for the rest of night. I don't think I slept more than a hour at a time that night! And I'm still exhausted!!! I hate this time of year!!

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Kim said...

Ya, that's pretty much how my week went! It's never harder to be a mom than when the kids get sick.

Hope everyone in your house is finally well, and that you can get some sleep.