Saturday, February 21, 2009

Make Your Own Weather

I've been making changes in my life. I'm making a concerted effort to be more positive--focusing on the things over which I have control--basically ME. I have spent too long listening to the negative voices in my head and their impact on my life and the lives of my family is no longer acceptable. I had let my Faith fall and forgotten to hand it all up to God.

Stephen Covey says you must make your own weather. Each and every day, I have the choice to find the bright spots, the Sunny spots 0r to dwell on the dark things, the Clouds. I've seen how staying positive and in control of my emotions can influence how my day goes with my family, my friends and, well basically everything.

So to celebrate and commit to this new approach to my life where I strive to promote the positive and silence those negative voices, I am changing the name of my blog to Sunny, With a Chance... As we make our own weather, each day has the chance to be a great day and with God's help, it will be.


Kim said...

I like the name change. I leave open the possiblity of something wonderful. Like,

Sunny with a chance...
of going on a picnic


Sunny with a chance...
hanging by the pool

or even

Sunny with a chance...
of flowers blooming

Jen E said...

Exactly! Let's keep looking for those "rays of sunshine" and not dwell on the clouds. Every cloud has a silver lining, ya know!!