Monday, February 02, 2009


I've hung the white sheet on my door. Added a sign "Quarantine--Do Not Enter". Believe me, you do NOT want to visit me now.

Sara started it last Monday night. Said she didn't feel well right before bed. Then it was painfully apparent. Thankfully, she was already in the bathroom. Better the next day but home from school. Fast forward to Friday morning. She came to my room at 7am. "Mom, there's something all over my bed and it smells really bad." UGHH!!! I had to take the comforter to a cleaner to try to save it!!!

And now, today. Scott was sick at after school care. We barely made it home before he was sick again. Poor thing!! And the icing on the cake? The dog is sick too!!! I'll spare you the gory details but let's just say she needs a new bed and we had the windows open in 30 degree weather!!!!

I have worn my hands to the nub washing them because I do NOT want to share this! Sure hope Hubby stays well, because you know how men are when they are sick!!

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Kim said...

yuck! hope everyone gets over it soon and you manage to keep from getting it yourself.