Friday, February 27, 2009

Return of "the Bug"

Stomach bug that is. Or is it? Scott's teacher called this morning to say he wasn't feeling well. He is not one to "fake" at school (although at home may be another story), but I will say that since he had the bug a few weeks ago, he's been a bit super sensitive to slight feelings of tummy unrest and seems to confuse nausea with the simple need to "go".

His teachers felt it best he come come home since we was very upset and kept running to the bathroom so here we are at home. We've been here for a while now and have yet to get sick, so I'm not so sure it's a real bug. But he does still seem out of sorts, not that typical "fake it till you get home and then miraculously recover". Guess we got an early start to our weekend!! Hope he feels better soon! And if it IS a bug, hope he doesn't SHARE!!!

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