Friday, February 27, 2009

Rays of Sunshine--#1

In conjunction with my life changes, I'm going to start posting a series of positive things for the week. They will be called "Rays of Sunshine". It's a chance to focus of the good things that have happened for me and my family instead of the negative--to share the blessings my family has realized. So here is the first.

**Sara did a wonderful job helping me clean house on Sat. She did it willingly and kept asking for things to do. I'm so very proud of her.

**Scott earned a "Cool Moves" certificate at school for his improvements in reading and writing and for his wonderful "sandwich story". He's made such great improvements in school this year. I'm so very proud.

**Hubby and I had a wonderful date-night Saturday, first in a long time.

**The children's behaviour has improved this week--less fighting and more willing to work together.

**I've been wagging more. :)

**Sara passed her test for the 8's times table. She's moving on to the 9's!!! Way to go, Sweetie!!!

It's been quite a "sunny" week!

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Kim said...

What a fantastic idea!